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Introduction to - Temple Run 2

Temple Run has been a very popular game since its inception. Almost everyone played this game on their mobile. The game came back with a new version of Temple Run 2. This one is filled with amazing 3D graphics, and you will get a map of a pirate cove. To hoard all the treasures you have to run faster and more efficiently to collect the gold coins. The more you run and stay alive, the more your scores will improve. So, do you want to take your running experience a bit further? Then you must know how to play this game. Here in this article, we have explained the gameplay, read on to know more. 

Temple Run 2 is still an addictive game with the essence of its previous version. You will get new additions in this game, with better 3D maps and visuals. You will have to sprint away from the pirate cove this time and hoard as much as money you can. You will get a new environment, and the latest challenges this time. You will face three monkeys who want to take revenge and a new setting that will make the game more fun. In this second version, you will get different types of obstacles, and all you have to do is to stay alive. 

If you have played the previous version of Temple Run, then you know the running tactics in this game. In Temple Run 2 you have to concentrate on avoiding the deadly things and obstacles, which will make the gameplay hard. You have to swipe your character from left to right and guide him on the coin-filled roads. You can use power-ups to run efficiently. 

Temple Run 2 is all about running and staying alive. Every level will have something new, and you can progress confidently with careful observation and your skills. Here are the key features you need to know to dominate the game.

● Larger monkeys

● Get special power for the characters

● Increased achievements

● Better power-ups

● Latest and unique obstacles

● New environments

● Amazing latest graphics

Temple Run 2 has rare gems as its currency. You will get the green jewels while you run on the path. You can purchase packs with real money from the store. If you accidentally die in the game, you can resurrect with the help of the gems, and you won’t lose a point. You can do this every time you die, but you need to count the number of gems to keep staying alive. You can use power-ups to get protection from the threats on the road and you will get a magnet-like ability where the coins will come to you. In addition, with some power ups, you will get super speed. 

You can only use one power-up at a time, so you need to make a wise choice. You can opt for the boosts which is the best thing in the gameplay. You will become invincible, and when the power is activated you will turn the corners automatically and avoid obstacles. 

The game offers various upgrades and the newest ones are, new hats, and the latest grizzled outfits. Shadow walker and Barry Bones the outrider returns. Collect and gather coins from the new environment, and play in the flowery sands map, which has returned for a short time. 

To get the best ideas to play this action endless runner game, you must understand the gameplay. Check out the steps below to have better ideas.

Once you have read the Description of Temple Run 2, you will be ready to know more about this endless runner game. After you understand how to manage the game in your favor, you can win every time. This game is based on running, hoarding money, and staying alive. For this, you must be versed with the tips and tricks to become the dominator of the game board. 

Let’s take a look at the steps to play Temple Run 2.

1:Your first objective is to stay alive. After that, you have to collect the coins to become rich. When the game path becomes difficult you will have to focus on running and avoiding the obstacles. By doing so, you can collect the coins whenever you can. However, if you die permanently, you can resurrect using the green gems. But you have to use them wisely, as they cost money. 

2:Always stay alert for the next obstacle. You can navigate the game first, but when you progress forward you will get more complex barriers. You have to look for the type of obstacle and make a leap. You have to jump, turn around or slide to avoid the obstacles. You can use the special power-ups o avoid the barriers, this way you can get past them easily and you will stay alive. 

 3:You will face mine carts which will allow you to move from left side to right on the path. You have to duck under some barriers, and when you are avoiding mine crafts, it will get hard to collect the coins. The best thing you can do is to stop before an intersection and collect the coins. When you are selecting abilities you can begin with the value of the coin. When you collect more coins, you can unlock more characters and abilities. So you need to stay alive until level three rather than buying the abilities with real money. 

 4:You must use the special powerups. Every character in this game has the skills they can utilize to stay alive and hoard coins. The moment you unlock the powerups, you can change the characters. The first thing is a shield, and the other ones are a score bonus, a boost, and a coin bonus. 

5:Focus on the goals, which will give your character a quest and it will help you climb up the levels. When you reach a good level the game will become multiplayer and you can get more scores. You can unlock new characters, and this will help you level up easily. This game requires unlocking new characters because you will get the new abilities of the runners. You can switch among them and run faster. 

This is not always a simple game, yet it will be easier when you understand the gameplay. Temple Run 2 will allow you to run until you die, and you can even resurrect using green gems. The more you play the game, the more you will learn the technique. Once you reach a good level, you will understand how to avoid obstacles and gain more coins. The game also upgrades with a new event, like various problem fixes and new additions. 

Playing this endless runner game will give you more knowledge about running and staying alive, and you can play the game on your mobile. Once you understand the gameplay, playing it will be very easy for you. Also, when you have finished playing the game, try not to forget to share your valuable opinions in the comment part situated at the bottom of the screen. Your opinions will influence other endless runner game enthusiasts to play and offer their reviews. We can create a game community for Temple Run 2 to assist others who want to play this game.

Good App Guaranteed:
This app passed the security test for virus,malware and other malicious attacks and doesn’t contain any theats.

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