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Introduction to - Minecraft

Ultimate Sandbox Experience for Everyone!

When it comes to open-world sandbox video games, none is more popular than Minecraft, even today! Officially released back in 2011, the colourful pixelated game might not seem comparable to the likes of major titles such as Battlefield 3 and Dark Souls at the time, but its charm does not lie in breath-taking graphics or awe-inspiring storylines.Instead, it is the freedom to explore a procedurally-generated world without limitations that makes Minecraft so beloved even after more than a decade after its launch.

Additionally, you can also create your own in-game world too, with a healthy community out there continuously developing new content for you to explore to this very day!

In a nutshell, Minecraft is a game that allows you to explore a customized in-game world where you are free to play however you want.Not only can you find enjoyment in exploring the unknown lands around you - be it by building your own majestic castle or surviving hostile mobs after sunset - but you can also create your own personalized world too via its remarkable Creative Mode.If that isn’t enough, you can also play Minecraft with other players as well, doubling the excitement while adventuring together in a huge custom-generated map/ world!

Minecraft’s unique art style – consisting of blocked, cartoonish pixels – is part of its special allure, and proves that core game design is significantly more important to players than actual graphical fidelity.Initially released for PC, Minecraft has gone on to be ported to various other video game platforms on the market, with each Minecraft edition listed below:

● Java Edition

● The original version of Minecraft, the Java Edition is the finalized rendition of the game after all of its development phases were completed.

● Only available for PC.

● Officially released on 18th November 2011.

● Bedrock Edition

● Cross-platform version of Minecraft, the Bedrock Edition supports online play for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and mobile players together.

● The game is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android (mobile), iOS (mobile), etc.

● Due to its launch across multiple video game platforms, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition has many release dates throughout the years, with the earliest being 19th December 2016 for mobile devices (previously named Minecraft: Pocket Edition).

● New Nintendo 3DS Edition

● True to its name, Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition is only playable on the New Nintendo 3DS/ 2DS handheld console.

● It was released in Japan and North America simultaneously on 13th September 2017.

● Although still available for purchase from the Nintendo eShop and retail stores, the game has stopped receiving future in-game updates since 15th January 2019.

● Education Edition

● Based on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition’s infrastructure, the Education Edition was created to cater primarily for schoolchildren.

● Enjoying most of Bedrock’s features and support, this version of Minecraft adds a few new innovations such as Classroom mode and Lesson Plans for teachers to guide and teach students.

● Education Edition was fully released on 1st November 2016.

● Pi Edition

● Minecraft: Pi Edition was created solely for the Raspberry Pi.

● Keeping its intended use for novice programming in mind, the Pi Edition utilizes much of Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s framework and tools.

● Released on 11th February 2013, the Pi Edition is no longer officially supported with updates.

● Minecraft Earth

● Minecraft Earth is another version of the game for Android and iOS users.

● Different from the Bedrock Edition, though, is its gameplay which requires you to literally travel around real-world locations to gather resources, etc.

● Looking to capitalize on the popularity of Pokemon Go, Minecraft Earth was released globally on 11th December 2019 but has now been shut down due to the outdoor restrictions of COVID-19 throughout subsequent years.

● Minecraft Dungeons

● Another extremely popular Minecraft edition is Minecraft Dungeons which is a dungeon crawler that plays similarly to ARPGs like Diablo and Path of Exile.

● Launched for all relevant consoles – PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android (mobile), iOS (mobile), etc. – on 26th May 2020, Dungeons is still played dedicatedly by fans to this day!

● Replacing the world-building aspects with role-playing elements like loot, character classes, and in-game levels, Minecraft Dungeons is a great breath of fresh air from the game’s previous sandbox formula.

● Legacy Console Edition

● There are also Minecraft editions which were created specifically for legacy consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, etc.), and the collective term for these were named as Minecraft: Legacy Console Edition.

● Due to the limiting specs and hardware capabilities of older generation consoles, Minecraft: Legacy Console Edition has a few notable differences when it comes to the game, such as smaller world maps and split-screen multiplayer.

● Legacy Console Editions have different release dates according to platform, but the earliest rendition came in the form of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition which was released in 9th May 2012.

As can be seen here, multiple versions of Minecraft exist, choose the best one that fits your current gaming rig or preferred device and enjoy the best Minecraft experience available now!

Loads of Features, Tons of Fun

In every Minecraft version – excluding Minecraft: Dungeons – every world that you start off in is randomly generated and hides numerous secrets that you will have to find and explore by

yourself.Unlike most other sandbox video games, though, there are no quests or narratives for you to follow through inMinecraft.

Instead, you are left to your own devices for you to decide what you want to do next.

Wish to find out what’s out there in the ocean?

Feel free to dive in!

Want to make a hidden outpost inside a volcano?

By all means!

Believe it or not, one Minecraft player had even built his own USS Enterprise spaceship (the flagship spacecraft from Star Trek) to be used as a home base inside the game, proving that anything is possible!However, if you are new to the game, there are a few things that you will need to learn about it first.

Game Modes

In Minecraft, there are five (5) different game modes that are available for you to choose from, each being:

1. Survival

● As the name suggests, Survival mode spawns you into a randomly-generated world where you will need to scavenge for materials to craft items and build equipment in order to survive.

● In this mode, Hunger is present besides your Health and Armour bars, requiring you to eat intermittently to survive.

● Death is not permanent but you do lose your experience points and gathered items in the process, undoing most of your current progress.

2. Hardcore

● In Hardcore mode, everything stays the same just like Survival mode except for the in-game difficulty which is set to Hard (cannot be changed).

● Furthermore, death is permanent and you either leave the map/ world or enter Spectator mode after dying.

● At the moment, Hardcore mode is only available for Minecraft: Java Edition.

3. Adventure

● For custom-created maps, Adventure mode is where you are able to explore and have fun playing on other players’ worlds.

● There are certain restrictions to playing Adventure mode, though, such as limitations to destroying certain objects and the environment in order to avoid map tampering, but this is a good way to experience creative set pieces that other people have made, like surviving dangerous dungeons ala Indiana Jones!

4. Creative

● If you are wondering how to create/ edit your own in-game map/ world, then Creative mode is your answer.

● In Creative mode, all survival aspects of the game are removed while allowing you with more control to change the environment or explore items as much as you please.

● Unless changed via in-game commands, you are also invincible in Creative mode, letting you channel your inner builder to recreate the world without worrying about damage from hostile mobs.

5. Spectator

● The last mode available in the game is Spectator mode which only allows you to observe an in-game map/ world without being able to interact with it at all.

● If you’re only interested in viewing how the in-game world and mobs behave, this is a good way to do so.

● Additionally, you automatically enter Spectator mode upon dying in Hardcore mode, but you can also use this to become a silent observer during online multiplayer too.

As you can see, there are multiple ways for you to spend some exciting time in Minecraft, and with its massive community continuously pouring out new ingenious maps and content for everyone to have fun with, the game might still continue to be popular for the next few years to come!

Pros:+ Freedom to play however you want

+ Cross-platform compatibility (except certain versions like Java Edition)

+ A huge global community

+ Thousands of mods available

+ Still popular in 2022


- loony ‘blocky’ graphics

- no dedicated plot/ story

- too many different versions

If you’ve enjoyed the game, make sure to comment down below and share your positive experience with others too!For other video game previews, make sure to check out <website> for all the latest updates every day!

Good App Guaranteed:
This app passed the security test for virus,malware and other malicious attacks and doesn’t contain any theats.

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