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Introduction to - Toca Boo

Want to have fun spooking your family members? Then you can play Toca Boo. This is an educational game, where you will learn how to overcome your fears of ghosts. This game will teach you about body language, facial expressions, and emotions. This game is based on overcoming the fear of the dark and the non-existent eerie things out there. You will go on a journey to scare your family members. This way you will learn how to bring light to your life from darkness. You will learn how to express your emotions and you will understand others’ feelings too. So, do you want to take this ghostly game experience a bit further? Then you must know how to play this game. Here in this article, we have explained the gameplay, read on to know more.

Toca Boo is the latest game app from Toca Boca, where you will be playing as Bonnie, who wants to spook her family by dressing up as a ghost. You will have to help her move around in the six rooms in this game, and allow her to find a hiding place. She will wait for the right moment, and whenever a family member enters the room, she will jump out of her hiding place and scare them. You will find lots of places to hide like, in the toilet, under the duvet, behind the curtain, and under the tables. You can search in the 6 rooms to find the better spots, and you have to avoid the light, because you are a ghost, and they only hide in the dark places. You have to move things, make them create sound, and help Bonnie to spook her family members. You can discover other features in the game like munching on peppers, dancing to disco music, and loving the feeling of staying invisible. 

Toca Boo is all about hiding and scaring people. You will learn more as you keep on playing the game. Here are the key features you need to know to excel at this game.

● You won’t have to buy anything from the app store

● There will be no advertises

● It’s a child-friendly platform

● This is an open-ended game, so you will not have to stress or follow the rules

● Beautiful artwork throughout the game

● You can scare members when you eat things

● Look for the secret surprises in the house

● You will get six family members to spook. 

● The house is big with 6 rooms and two floors. 

This is a very interesting game, and you can play it anytime whenever you want to become a bit mischievous. You will find everything to be very exciting, and you can never expect what comes next. If you have the courage then you can scare your house members by playing a ghost. You will find this learning game to be very easy, as there are no rules to stress over. You must stay in the dark to hide otherwise; you will get exposed by your family members. You can bang on the floor, push down the table, and rattle things just to make people nervous.

Toca Boo isn’t a free game. But when you purchase the game, you will get ad-free gameplay. The game also offers various upgrades and the newest ones some bug fixes, optimization, and better gameplay. 

To get the best ideas to play this educational game, you must understand the gameplay. Check out the steps below to have better ideas.

Once you have read the Description of Toca Boo, you will be ready to know more about this learning. After you understand how to manage the game in your favor, you can scare people every time. 

This game is based on dressing up as a ghost, hiding in the dark, and spooking the 6 family members of Bonnie. You can play this game easily without the stress of leveling up or getting scores. 

Let’s take a look at the steps to play Toca Boo.

Step 1

It will depend on you what type of hiding place you want. You can hide in the toilet if you want, there hide under the tables, behind the dresser, the door, and anywhere you want. Then, when no one’s looking or around, you can turn up the disco music and start dancing. However, just standing in the bathroom, waiting for someone to enter, may get boring. You must find some fun and exciting stuff to do. 

Step 2

This is an open-ended game, so you won’t have to stress over climbing up levels, or going through challenging quests. If you find yourself getting bored hiding in place for hours, you can start having fun with disco music. It will depend on your imagination, on how you want to play this. You will always get surprises in the two-storey house. 

Step 3

This game has 6 family members, so you will get enough people to spook. If you monitor the members, you will see that each of them has their unique hiding habits. This means, that if you know about their hiding habits, you can find all of them quickly. Also, you have to be very patient in playing this game. 

Step 4

You can take your time to explore the floors and the 6 rooms. You will find surprises at every corner of this game. This is a children-friendly game, and you can play it based on your imagination. You will not be judged, no limit and no competition to win the levels. You can play with your friends to have more fun. 

Step 5

If you were previously scared of ghosts, this game will give you courage and help you find the light. You can be creative in this game, and have fun when you are bored hiding for a long time. You won’t have to follow others on this platform, as there are no rules. You can Boo anyone who comes in your way. 

This is a very simple educational game, and it will be easier when you understand the gameplay. Toca Boo will allow you to hide, role play as a ghost, and hide your family members. The more you play the game, the more you will learn the technique of scaring others. Once you learn the tactics, you will have more fun, and get better ideas to scare your 6 family members. The game also upgrades with some new features, like various bug fixes and optimization. 

Playing this educational game will give you more knowledge about defeating your fears and understanding the emotions of others and yours too, and you can play the game on your mobile. Once you understand the gameplay, playing it will be very easy for you. Also, when you have finished playing the game, try not to forget to share your valuable opinions in the comment part situated at the bottom of the screen. Your opinions will influence other educational game enthusiasts to play and offer their reviews. We can create a game community for Toca Boo to assist others who want to play this game.

Good App Guaranteed:
This app passed the security test for virus,malware and other malicious attacks and doesn’t contain any theats.

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