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    August 27, 2021






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    Jul 27, 2021


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Introduction to - Ode To Heroes

Explore the world of Ode To Heroes to discover the truth of history and awaken the silent heroes!

Lead your squad of heroes as they travel through history and repair the chaotic timeline!

 Easy and casual placement gameplay

Super time and energy saving mobile game!

You can enjoy the fun of placing games anytime and anywhere, whether you are going to work, waiting for the bus, or eating!

Even if you are offline, you can still get great rewards!

 Experience the legend of adventure in the epic 

Find the silent heroes in the chaotic timeline!

Hundreds of historical and legendary characters, with different personalities and experiences, how to open their hearts and fight for you!

Ancient equipment, legendary artifacts, every corner has a surprise waiting for you to explore!

The fun of strategy

Over 200 heroes from different camps, hundreds of individual skills!

Output, healing, control, combine your team and set different battle strategies!

Forge & collect artifacts, jades, equipment, your perfect match strategy!

Rich game content

Placement, battle, dungeon, hero quest, collection, raising!

Tournaments, guilds, treasure hunting, friends, officialdom!

Endless exciting content waiting for you to experience!

 Passionate social and competitive

Form the strongest guild with other players and build a legendary guild!

Challenge powerful guild bosses!

Find like-minded people to team up with and PK against a wide range of players from all over the world!

Attack the leaderboards and the highest glory to win powerful loot!

When the Heavenly Fate Officer reaches level 55, he or she will unlock the Three Armies of Courage, which is an all-services battle.

As the name implies, the Three Armies of Courage requires the Heavenly Fate Officer to form three teams to fight against three teams of other Heavenly Fate Officers, with the last team being the hidden team, and a two-win system in three games.

Each challenge requires the consumption of 3 Club Martial tiles, and the tournament starts every 3 days and lasts for 3 days, and the duration is a season.

Reward: Win or lose at the end of each game, you will get a 3-choice flip card reward

At the end of the season, you will be rewarded with a large amount of Yupei and martial arts according to your ranking.

Good App Guaranteed:
This app passed the security test for virus,malware and other malicious attacks and doesn’t contain any theats.

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