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PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a popular game. If you want to experience this fast-paced shooting game, you need to gear up with weapons and emerge on the battlefield. But you will be emerging on your mobile screen, not on the open road! PUBG MOBILE: RESISTANCE has become a sensation after it was launched, and still many likes to play this game for the thrill of it. You can fulfill your wishes to be a sniper in this game, and for that, you will get lots of weapons. Once you know How to play this game, leveling up will not be an issue. So, let’s know more about this battle royal game, which you can play with others or alone. 

PUBG MOBILE: RESISTANCE is available to play on Apple and your Android phone. You will get ready for a battle, and you will win. The game has many modes, and you can choose one to play. You have to survive and that’s the only important thing in this game. You will have to accept tasks and complete them by firing at your enemies. The fun part is, you will start the game in your undergarments. However, as you go deeper into the game, you can put on clothes from the inventory. You can also purchase clothes from the game shop with real money. Some of them you can keep, and some will not be there. You will hop down from a plane, and in the mobile version, you will get a mark on the ground about where to get down. However, you can choose the place to land. You will also take note of the traffic and cars coming, so make sure to land safely. 

PUBG MOBILE: RESISTANCE is a multiplayer, battle royal game. You can play as you want here, with different scenarios and in an unknown world. You will find the process of the game very easy, as you have to keep playing new games and build a world that you have been yearning for. 

● This game is made for mobile phones

● You can play it anywhere and anytime you want

● You will get plenty of modes and maps

● Play the extreme battle for ten minutes

PUBG MOBILE: RESISTANCE is filled with explosions and gunfights. You have to be careful because your enemies are always lurking in the corners. You need good headphones to hear the enemies approaching closer by vehicle or by foot. Also, when you use headphones you can hear the nearby gunshots, so you will be on your guard immediately that someone is closer. Also, this device is useful when you are playing with your friends, you can communicate with them while playing. The game provides different types of weapons, and some may look useless, but they can be very dangerous. You must give priority to the shotguns, as they can save your life in this game. 

PUBG MOBILE: RESISTANCE is a free game, you won’t have to pay a dime to get and play the game. However, you will have to use real money to buy something from the game store. You will get updates like the new map, new gameplay that includes eight skills, merit and violation rules fixed for safe gameplay, a new season, weather and buildings system, and many more. The new features will make the game more fun. When you upgrade you can play this game more efficiently. This is a very fun game to play, and you can enjoy it with your friends. Once you learn how to play this game, you will get more benefits and climb up more levels. You will get many features to use with this game and as you level you will get them. 

After you have read the Description of this battle royal game, you must understand the game steps. As a battle royal game, you must know the tips and tricks to play the game and it will help you create good plans to win it. You have to follow the right techniques. 

Let’s read about the game steps and know about its rules and have more fun playing PUBG MOBILE: RESISTANCE. 

Step 1

The game starts with hundred players, and they fly in a plane to be transported to different places on the map. You will have to decide where you want to drop, and it will be a big decision. The moment you jump from the plane you will get two choices, you can land in the town, city, and military bases to get the weapons of your choice, or you can get away from the crowded places and remote buildings where hardly anyone ever goes. You have to be very careful where you land the plane. 

Step 2

The moment you land, you will have to look for weapons and this will help you retain in the game. You can find everything on the building floors, so you won’t have to waste time looking for guns in other places. You must grab some weapons faster and it will depend on your luck, and what you will find. You may find a building filled with weapons and other necessary things, other times you might just find one pistol. The game also offers a good collection of weapons, you will get pistols, handguns to snipers. You can carry a pistol and two guns. 

Step 3

The largest part of this game is surviving until the end, and for that, you must know how to fight. You have to be careful about your surroundings and your moves. If your enemy is firing at you from a distance, you must run and hide to protect yourself. Also, you must use a sniper when someone is within range. 

Step 4

Similar to other battle games, you will get a map that covers the safe areas, a red location, and a danger zone. You will see the safe area marked with blue, and it gets smaller as many people enter the place. If you are outside this area, your health will decrease, and you must not drop it to zero. 

Step 5

You can play PUBG MOBILE: RESISTANCE alone, but when you have a friend, you will get more benefits. When you jump from the plane, you have to share your resources with your friend and you can join others when you meet friends. You can also recharge the other when one is down, and this way you can stay alive for a long time. However, on the opposite side, your enemies have a better-organized plan than you. 

PUBG MOBILE: RESISTANCE is a very easy-to-play game with fewer rules. Anyone can play this game for thrill and fun. This game is rather easy to play, as you will not have to follow tough rules. The main thing you have to do is to stay alive and fight until the end. The game is very fun to play and once you start with the gameplay you will become a pro at it. With the various steps, you will get better insights and you can win the game very easily. You will get updates such as game improvement, bug fixes, and much more. 

So, without getting bored in your idle time, you can play this sandbox video game. If you are a fan of battle royal games, you may like to play them anytime you want. You can play the game on your PC, tablet, and your mobile with ease. While playing the game you will get the feeling of fun, better imagination, and much more. In addition, you must help other battle royal game lovers with your valuable opinions at the bottom of the article. Your feedback will influence others to play this fun game, and they will too express their opinions to assist more people. Let us build a helping community for PUBG MOBILE: RESISTANCE and help out others.

Good App Guaranteed:
This app passed the security test for virus,malware and other malicious attacks and doesn’t contain any theats.

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