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Introduction to - Ultimate Custom Night

Are you into some survival games nowadays? If you are looking for a great survival game to play, you can choose Ultimate Custom Night. This is a game full of thrill, suspense and excitement. You can experience some of the thrilling moments of your life through this game. It is quite realistic to play and you will love it thoroughly. This game is related to a game called ‘Night with Freddy’. You can experience this game in the best way possible if you know how you can play it.

Here we will offer you a complete review and a guide along with that so you can play efficiently. Before we move on to the guide, let us discuss a bit about the gameplay and graphics. This is a great FNaF mash-up that you will love. In this game, you will be trapped in an office alone. You have to fend off some of the intruders. You can select the animatronic characters according to your needs. As this game is all about customization, you not only get to choose the character but you can also the difficulty level. So, you can select the level of difficulty from zero to twenty for all the 50 characters that you have chosen for you. Once you have done that, you can jump straight into the game. 

The game starts with your character being at the office desk. From that desk, you have to manage vents, doors, air hoses and everything that leads into your office directly. In this game of Ultimate Custom Night, you have to master some of the important tools to face the ultimate challenge. You need to master AC, heater, power generator, global music and more. This game is also filled with some great features. These are:

● Many cut scenes can be unlocked

● Unlock and change the skin of your office

● Comes with 16 challenges with different themes

● Voice acting available 

● Realistic sound effects

● Decent good quality graphics

Though this game has limited challenges, it can offer you some amazing thrillers. You need to make sure that you are facing those challenges head on. You have to be prepared to fend off all the intruders that are trying to intrude into the office. But you have to be really quick or else your character will die and the game will be over. So, you need to know how to play this game in the best way possible.

This game is not available for free. You have to purchase this game on your smartphone or device in order to play it. Once you start the game, you will understand how easy it is. This horror survival game is the best option for the ones who love to play these games. It is all about surviving a night in a particular theme. The themes can change, bringing some interesting twists to the game. Read on to know how you can play it.

After the description stated above, it is quite evident that the game is pretty interesting and intriguing.  You need to follow some of the steps to play this game.Here is a complete step by step guide about how you can start playing the game of Ultimate Custom Night:

Step 1 – Learning the controls

You can play this game perfectly well only when you are well adapted with the controls. There are multiple controls that you have to carefully learn about. You can control a lot of things in the game. The controls can play a huge part in the game and it can influence the intruders. Hence, you have to learn them properly.

Step 2 – Start with lower level of difficulty 

You have to choose 50 characters for your game to play. After that, you need to choose the level of difficulty too. Here, you have to start with a lower level of difficulty. Don’t choose the higher levels in the very beginning as that can be a problem. Once you get accustomed to the game, you can increase the level of difficulty.

Step 3 – Select the animatronics 

While playing the Ultimate Custom Night game, you can have the freedom to select any 50 animatronics for your game. You can have a lot of fun in selecting them for your game. They can make your game even more impressive in nature. It can also provide you with the possibility to configure the game according to your will. You can even change the layout of the animators as per your wish. 

Step 4 – Careful about the electricity

When you play this game, there will be a certain amount of electricity or energy that you can use. But you need to be very careful when you are using it. You should not waste electricity. Every time you choose to use some energy source, you will consume power. The power can be consumed when you close the door or switch on the monitor to use it. Hence, you need to use them only when it is needed.

Step 5 – Fend off the animatronics

The animatronics that you have chosen for the game will appear in the game from any point. You have to make sure to fend them off at the right time. There is no particular pattern in which they will appear. These animatronics can appear anytime from anywhere. Your job is to make sure to fend them off in the right time otherwise you will be killed by them.

You will surely love the fact that Ultimate Custom Night gives extreme thrill and suspense. You will never know when the attack comes and you have to be prepared. This is the best survival adventure game in the market. Leave your feedback in the comment section below after you play this game. Your feedback can be helpful for the newbie players trying out this survival game.

Good App Guaranteed:
This app passed the security test for virus,malware and other malicious attacks and doesn’t contain any theats.

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