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Introduction to - The Battle Cats

Developed by PONOS, Battle Cats is a strategic tower defense game that features a colony of cats fighting a variety of enemies to defend their base, firing a cannon each time they are fully charged. Here you can order your army of cats through time and space to fight enemies of all species and colors. Game Features About Cats: The cats in this game are the main characters and players can use them as an army to fight against invaders and defend the base. The cats are all different, varying from the basic cat to the Greek god Zeus. Players need to clear the stage to get items and gain experience points to upgrade their cats. Regular cats can be raised to a level cap of 20, and another cat has a level cap of 40. The first cats you can get are nine regular cats, while special cats can be unlocked or purchased at certain stages. Battles in battle: Fighting enemies requires energy, which is gradually restored as time passes. The battlefield is a 2D plane, with your base on the right and the enemy's base on the left. When you win a battle, you can get three kinds of treasure: lower, normal and higher. When a base is destroyed, the battle is over. To play Battle Cats, you need a stable internet connection. If your Wi-Fi is unstable, the game experience may be significantly impaired. Fighting enemies requires energy, which is gradually restored over time

Cat Wars is simple but not easy to play. Players are part of a cat army and give orders to their cats to take over enemy cities. Players need to tap on cat images to dispatch, cast cat cannons and upgrade workaholic cat wallets.

Battle through time and space with simple controls to command your cats to fight against all the cats!

= Super simple battle system

Just click on the cat you want to fight for you!

Fire the Cat Cannon and blow up those who get too close to your base! Overcome strange enemies with the right Cat squad and take down enemy bases!

= Super easy leveling system

Clear levels to gain XP and items to upgrade Cat! Will they develop to level 10? Can you unlock their true form?

=Super simple fun!

Collect glorious treasures while taking over the world!

Recruit dozens of rare and exotic cats and create the ultimate feline army!

Span hundreds of stages across three story mode adventures and legendary challenges.

First we have to enter the Cat Base screen, then the player will find a shopping cart looking icon at the bottom of this screen in Cat Base.

After entering the Meow Wars store interface, we swipe to the right to see the XP selling price, and players can purchase the amount of XP they can buy based on their cat food.

The acquired cats can be upgraded with the experience value (XP) to strengthen the cat's ability.

After passing the second chapter of the world chapter, all cats can be upgraded to the 20th level using XP; the upgrade limit of different cats can be liberated separately when reaching a specific level ranking.

When passing the total level ranking of 1600, the system will release the "Cat's Eye Stone" function (you can get the Cat's Eye Stone from the Plus Code Duo adventure or the level ranking rewards). When some of the Ex level, rare level or above cats reach the level cap of 30, the Cat's Eye Stone can be used to raise the level cap of the cat by one level; after passing all the 1-star legendary levels, the number of Cat's Eye Stones to release the level cap of the cat can be increased.

All cats will change their appearance at level 10, which is called "Evolution 2", and at level 30, they will get "Evolution 3". The basic cats can evolve directly; some legendary level cats and some rare eggs require "catnip"; some EX cats, wheel cats and small cats purchased with cat cans need to pass the eye opening level; the frenzy series needs to pass the "Great Frenzy" level; the storm family cats and the extremely difficult series cats need to pass the "Whirlwind of Strikes" or "Extreme Difficulties of Strikes" level.

Each evolution will improve the cat's combat power or unlock the ability to target attributes.

After passing the third chapter of the future chapter, you can use "NP" to open the special ability of the cat (currently can only be exchanged through the cat in the storage library) or target attributes and strengthen the basic body and resistance to enemy effects.

Good App Guaranteed:
This app passed the security test for virus,malware and other malicious attacks and doesn’t contain any theats.

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