A game that challenges your patience and luck-Getting Over It

BY   02 Sep,2022

What is the game so that many game masters in the play, surprisingly straight play can not go on; what is the game, even though it has been launched a long time, still hot; what is the game, obviously the picture is very simple, but full of reasonable physical characteristics; yes, it is this Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, the developer even wrote on the game interface, we The developer even wrote on the game interface that we are doing this game to hurt the player. This can be seen how torturous the content of this game. Many of the players who have been tortured by it have said that they would like to give the developers the kindest greetings, this game not only requires a very high level of understanding when playing, but also usually accompanied by a lucky one in a million, both of which you can not do without, otherwise you can only fall from the midway waiting to eat dust.

The operation of the game is quite simple in a sense, you only need to control a character in the game can be, through the continuous climbing, until the end of the top. Does it sound very simple and not much technical content? But here you have to pay attention to, first of all, you control is not a normal role, the character he has been sitting in a tin pot, or ceramic pot, and the game looks like the game does not look decent, but also by the limitations of the physics, so this has been sitting in the pot will be very likely to cause you to operate when very inconvenient.

 When you officially start playing this game, you will find that in the whole game, the only prop you can use is a hammer on the man sitting in the pot, this hammer also does not have any special features, you need to use this hammer to hook your side can stabilize the body's position, this position is generally the stone concave or the gap between the boards, and then use physical inertia to lend force to the body up Send, of course, in this process, you also have to be particularly careful, because once you make a mistake, from a safe place to fall, then the game will immediately restart, this process is very torturous, many players are looking at has reached a very high position, the results of a mistake is likely to fall directly from here back to the starting point, and then have to start over, very annoying.

If you are a player who likes to challenge the limits and has very good psychological quality, then it is definitely highly recommended that you challenge this game, according to some clearance statistics, the average clearance time of this game is basically more than five hours, many unlucky players even a day can not pass, but there are a few players lucky enough, perhaps an hour and a few minutes to pass.