Beginner to get started, quickly get rid of the white state

BY   06 Aug,2021

I do not know if many new players will be in a state of confusion after entering the game, do not know where to start, then you need such a phrase: "To get rich, cut down the trees first". That's right, the tree is the most basic material of this game, cover home and do weapons need it, the early you should collect as many trees as possible in this game many things are needed to synthesize, the basic synthesis table it is in your backpack.

I. Farming

In "My World", a very important point is food, there are many sources of food, such as by going to the wild to fight pigs, cows, chickens and other creatures to get food, but this has a disadvantage, the food source is not fixed, which involves the farming aspect, we can farm to stabilize the food source. For example, chickens like to eat seeds, we can take the seeds in hand to introduce chickens into their "chicken coop" and then reproduce. Or, if you like to eat vegetarian, then you can get wheat by sowing seeds that fall from the grass and make bread.

Second, the home

Building, so to speak, is the core of "my world", so in order to let you feel warm and happy, then of course, to have a good home. Of course, if you advocate simplicity, do not like the gorgeous home, then you can make the house 7X7X3 square, shave off the two sides, leaving 5 compartments, the left and right sides put boxes, the middle of the workbench and furnace. Not only practical and beautiful, the important process is convenient, the rest of the energy can do more things. Pay attention to find the sugar cane, sugar cane and cattle are necessary for the early enchanted table, or try to farm planting early.

Three, mining

Everyone in "my world" to see the minerals will certainly be very excited, but we are prone to this situation, regardless of what is held in the hand also regardless of what to dig. Up is a fierce digging, and in the end it is likely to be replaced by an empty. So we must understand the tools corresponding to minerals before digging, for example, stone pickaxe is not dug out of the diamond. When you encounter a mine, don't be so anxious to think about mining, first go to the end, use the torch lighting, so you won't be out of the monster, can greatly enhance security. Then come back to digging, how do you want to dig how to dig, as for the red stone or something, we do not need to look at the early stage, digging it has experience, but it is very occupied place, throw it away, there is a gap then you can take it home and put it in the box.  Coal digging more, the package is not enough, you can build a workbench, the coal synthesis coal fast, save space to install iron and diamonds.

Fourth, potions

Then this is a pure survival player, will use a thing: potion, remember when in learning potion refining, that want to die heart, indeed, potion refining is a very very boring thing, but also almost every pure survival player essential things.

V. Enchanting

In "my world", I think the most face, the most metaphysical, that is, enchanting, enchanting can add some special properties to their equipment, weapons, you can make it easier to fight monsters and fight the shadow dragon, enchanting need enchanting table, if the enchanting table alone, then the level of enchanting out will be very low, then if you need high attributes of equipment, equipment enchanting the best of each with protection. The only way to quickly come up with the best enchantment is to play the ordinary zombie in a very simple way, pay attention to the small zombie, cut his feet square on the good. The carrion does not have any use. Playing the little white can first attract its attention, and then hide, it will come to you. Take the slab in hand, hide, click so much as the head, bone dust is yours! Fight JJ monster, JJ monster is very dangerous for newcomers. A few more deaths will be good ...... Note that when playing this need to help run. Because there will be a knockback effect, hit it fly a distance it will not explode. It explodes the gap can cut two knives. Calculate the damage, the iron sword is generally knocked back two times, and then just head on.

  In fact, in summary, can see that this game of a free and creative, and so we slowly feel familiar with the early, there are more surprises waiting for you to discover, want to know to try it!